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Welcome to The Grey PlaceSM

We have created a listing of recommended books from that MUST be on your reading shelf.

Maggie Wright's African Grey manual is a MUST READ for ALL African Grey lovers!!! It is one of the top ten best selling bird books on!

AFRICAN GREY BOOK:  Written by GPR creator Maggie Wright and published by Barron's.  African Grey Parrots:  A Complete Owner's Manual. This book helps you better understand the nature and instincts of your African Grey and how this translates into your home. It includes tips and gives strategies for handling your African Grey. You can get an autographed copy from our site.
$11.95 (includes shipping)


BRINGING BACK THE MAGIC: A TRANSFORMATIONAL MEMOIR is a deeply moving comeback story.  After the loss of her mother at six years old, Maggie Wright struggled through a phobic childhood; and with the help of the many animal companions in her life, she transformed into a powerful advocate for them.  Her adult connection with her African Grey parrots opened her mind and heart to see nature from a new perspective.  Margaret Wright walks the reader through a profound way of seeing nature’s critters as the true individuals that they are.  After reading this book, you will not look at Nature and animals in the same way.

Order Now!

US $17.95

Outside US / Canada/Mexico $19.95
Bringing Back the Magic
cover Birds of Africa : From Seabirds to Seed-eaters


The Singing Life of Birds

A lesson on how to hear birdsong

Diary of a Central Park Bird-Watcher

Birds & Beasts Africa : Observations of...

Observations of a wildlife artist 



cover Companion Parrot Handbook

Summarizes Sally Blanchard's behavior theories 


Holistic Health 

Holistic care for birds

Parrots: A Guide to Parrots of the World

Great reference book!

The Parrots in Health and Illness

Delves into all  aspects of avian health care
The Emotional Lives of Animals

Top scientist Marc Bekoff explores the emotions of animals

My Parrot, My Friend

Behavior modification techniques



Parrots of the World



Minds of Their Own : Thinking and...

Do they consciously do things?

cover The Alex Studies : Cognitive and Communicative Abilities of Grey Parrots

Summarizes Dr. Pepperberg and Alex's cognition work

cover The Animal Mind  

Investigates animal thought and awareness

cover Inside the Animal Mind

Examines how animals solve problems

cover The Parrot's Lament : And Other True... 

Presents stories revealing evidence of animal consciousness

dogshome.jpg (6268 bytes) Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are...

Ground breaking information on the telepathic abilities of animals, including parrots.

cover The Life of Birds 

Synopsis of David Attenborough's work

Minds of Their Own : Thinking and...

Do they consciously do things?

thelivesofbirds.gif (4511 bytes) THE LIVES OF BIRDS

Researches many aspects of bird behavior that apply to companion birds

cover Avian Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 

Comprehensive survey of avian biochemistry and molecular biology

cover Avian Molecular Evolution and Systematics

Reviews avian molecular techniques in systematics and phylogenetics



cover The Once and Future King 


cover What the Parrot Told Alice

A picture of what we're doing to Mother Earth

cover Harry's Mad  

The story of a boy and his Grey Parrot

cover Jonathan Livingston Seagull : A Story 

One seagulls search for higher meaning

alittlebirdtoldmeso.gif (6734 bytes) A Little Bird Told Me So 

Presents scientific and yet light-hearted approach through facts, folklore and fallacy

apA11.gif (1935 bytes) Parrots Look Who's Talking
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